You can’t be anyone else


Do not care about what others think or believe.

If you think something is right go do it.

If you think something is wrong and you care enough to turn it right, do it.

Don’t give a fuck what others think. Be you.

You rest, when YOU feel like resting. Cause if you rest with the rest of them, you are not resting; you are competing with them in resting.

You hustle, when YOU feel like hustling. Cause if you hustle when THEY want to hustle, you become one of the many sheep that compete the same game. The sheep only run behind each other, in a crowd of sheep. They don’t even see where they’re going. Not even sure whether they’re getting a reward for all that. You are better than that.

If you live in Hollywood, it doesn’t mean that you have to be in Cinema.

If your society values luxury and ego, you don’t have to act like you believe it.

If all women like to get married and have kids, you don’t have to pretend that’s your path.

If others are laughing or whining, you don’t have to repeat that or that.

You are different. You were born a badass. You are a badass in something. It is something that excited YOU, deeply. You know what it is. Just believe in it.

You are born to lead and inspire in a field that excites YOU!

Find your niche, grab it and go with it.

Don’t worry about what he says or she thinks. Or, what he believes about you or she thinks is right to do.

Surround yourself with those that “fan your flames.” Those that get it. Cause, they make your journey even more exciting!

But, these people won’t always be available in your journey. So, keep in mind that the ones not getting it, have their own opinion. Each of us is entitled to have an opinion. We don’t have to agree on anything! Not me and not you and not the one that annoys you.

You only have to follow what you believe is right. Only that.

But, that!

All the rest is the religion of a sheep.

You are way better than a sheep.

Science, books, ideas, opinions and all else are just tools to extend your perspective and stretch your curiosity. YOU are the only one that thinks, believes, and does!

So, believe in you and do YOU!

You owe it to everyone else. Living your badassery will inspire everyone around you.


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