Act as if you are blind

Be blind.


Every new person you meet arrives from a journey. A journey with a life stories that narrate unimaginable conditions for you.

Don’t look at their face or appearance.

Not only their face, but also their character is shaped by a moment-by-moment conditioning. Conditions that are out of our control.

Practice looking at people with blind eyes. With an intention to find their beautiful self and falling in love with them.

Repeat this with every new person that crosses paths with you.

You’ll be amazed by the stories that you hear.

You will fall in love a couple of times a day.

Make a cauntious effort to see the people behind their faces.

And, they will fall in love with you, too.

Act as if, you are blind to faces and appearances.

Be genuinely interested in everyone.

“Like a sculptor, if necessary,
carve a friend out of stone.
Realise that your inner sight is blind
and try to see a treasure in everyone.”

― Rumi


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