Tourist vs. traveler

Tourists keep to-do lists.

They go from point A to point B to see a pre-written itinerary.
one famous attraction after the other.
They condition themselves to be satisfied with the known and limit to a limited list.
They ban serendipity.

Travelers are different.

There is no target point in the traveler mindset.
They have no intention of arriving.
Nor do they keep a list.
Travelers watch and listen to the environment.
They learn to improvise on the road.
They look more and analyze less.
And, start to take things as they come.

Travelers are not looking to arrive, but arrive every moment of the journey.
They arrive at a new experience, or a new story, or a new discovery, or a new friendship, or a new goal, or a new life.

One can be a traveller at home. As my big family at Travel Tribe



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