Surfer life


When surfing, you may get washed over by waves.
Getting under, waves swirl and turn you like a washing machine.
It’s miserable.
You feel like running out of breath any second.
And, seconds slow down.
You don’t see where the sky or the earth is.
Then the next wave swooshes over you.
You panic: starting to swallow some water.
Thinking:”Am I drowning?”
They say the key to survival is learning not to panic.
Because by panicking, your heart rate pumps up and runs you out of breath quickly.
You should stay calm, hug your knees and protect your head while letting the waves swirl you around and pass by.
Only when the wave set is over, you get to see the sunlight and find direction.
Life surprises us with unexpected waves from time to time.
Sometimes pleasant surprises and sometimes not so pleasant ones.
Regardless, we may get lost in the uncertainty of the next moments.
Paralyzed about making decisions.
It is important to learn not to panic.
To take a deep breath and hold it.
Role in to protect your head, while keeping an eye open to find your ground again.
When the waves soon calm down, you get to stretch back and stand on your board again.
Ready to make new decisions.


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