First time entrepreneur

I am an immigrant and a first-time startup founder. I heard “no” and never took it for an answer. I made and burnt bridges. I burnt out. Then, stepped back into the game. Looking back at the lessons learned, while I am getting ready to launch TravTribe, our recruiter bot for digital nomads…

What would I tell myself, if I could travel in time?

  • Understand and accept people’s attitude: First, you’ll be looked at with contempt. Like you have no idea how life works; like a kid with her head up in the dream land. Then, they will tell you how they wanted to do what you are doing. They confess that they didn’t dare to follow the dream, because it was too risky. because of financial risks and the safety net. They will confess to be inspired by you. And, that they admire your courage.
  • It takes a while before you find your circle. Maybe a year or more. You will be on your own without a support system. You will have pain, and suffer behind the walls. No one will hear you, and after a while, no one will care. You’ll lose many friends. But you will meet like minded people. Start building a support network of like-minded founders and entrepreneurs; masterminds or accountability partners are some new ways to do so.
  • You will fail and will get ok with it. No matter how hard you hit the ground, you will hit the ground. Hence, the ground is always there to support you. The things you are afraid of, are not as scary as you think. You will survive.
  • See beyond the obstacle. The dark times pass. The ability to see the light during the dark times is a key. i.e. Patience.
  • Believe in yourself and your vision, when no one else believes in you. Trust yourself that you will get through the slow and hard times, when no one else trusts you. Understand that you will only depend on yourself on this journey and may feel lonely. Accepting it helps you capitalize on the time and create value rather than dealing with the confusion.
  • Don’t quit. If you stay in the game long enough, you’ll get there. Sometimes you may decide to switch gears and turn your hustle into a side project to bring bread home. Sometimes you get fortunate to make it your full-time hustle. Regardless, as long as you stay in the game, you will eventually find the path to winning.
  • Every loop closes. Remember this for every idea, every word, every thought and every handshake. Every word you put out there, grows like a seed and comes back to you. Work with integrity to harvest the fruits of it, when the loop closes.
  • Listen. Every person you meet is there to teach you something; always be looking for the lesson. Listen more than you speak.
  • The journey is only ups and downs. Understand the types of ups and downs. Some downs are imposed by external factors and only your patience helps them pass.
  • You’ll be the toughest person in your circle of former friends. Not only people won’t deduct your pain but will add up to it by being demanding, pushy and needy. Understanding this saves you confusion and helps you create opportunities to empower them.

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