The book for Digital Nomads

I am creating a book for Digital Nomads. A coffee table book filled with travel photos and curated tactics from influencers about starting a digital nomadic lifestyle.

The book is our tribe’s gift to every nomadic traveller that hears the question:” why don’t you just get a life and settle down like the other normal people?”

This book shares why we travel to answer that question. It also provides tactics and resources for creating a location independent business for a nomadic lifestyle.

As a tribe, we can answer the question with this book, hoping to inspire our friends to step out of their comfort zones and become borderless minded.

Part I of the book shares my interviews with location independent influencers +100K followers that share hacks and tactics from 0 to 1 of becoming a full-time traveller. These interviews cover 30 different topics such as “how to stay in 5-star hotels for free” and “how to start a business that makes $10K a month as passive income”.

Part II of the book covers Nomads of 2017. We shared stories of 500 digital nomads in August 2017 as a contest. By September 15, we found the best 25 stories based on votes of nomad community. 25 winners that won as “Nomads of 2017” will be published in the book.

If you are interested to chat about the book write to me at



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